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Products Catalogue

ENERGETIC Industry Products Catalogue


ENERGETIC Industry Products Catalogue for Semi-finished Plastics, plastic extrusion profiles, Plastic Machining parts

  • - General Plastic
  • - Engineering Plastic
  • - Thermosetting Plastic
  • - ESD/Anti-static Plastic & Material
  • - Metal material

Further services for Customized Precision Plastic Machining Parts

  • - Cut into required sizes
  • - CNC Machined Metal Parts
  • - CNC Machined Plastic Parts
  • - SMT Jigs, PCB Testing Fixtures

Special Service of Customized material, Customized property, Customized shape, welcome to check our catalogue to see all detail products we are doing.

- All kinds of plastic and metal machining parts

- ESD material and conductive material

- General Plastic Material: HDPE sheets, HDPE rods, PP sheets, PP Rods, PVC sheets, PVC rods

- Engineering Plastic Material: POM sheets, POM rods, PTFE sheets, PTFE Rods, PA6 sheets, PA6 rods, PC sheets, PC rods, UHMWPE sheets, UHMWPE rods, PVDF Sheets, PVDF rods

- High Performance Plastic Material: peek sheets, PEEK rods, PPS sheets, PPS Rods, PEI sheets, PEI rods

- Insulation Materials: Phenolic Paper Sheets, 3025 Phenolic Cotton Sheet, 3240/FR4 Epoxy sheets & rods, alternative Durostone Sheet CAS761, Risho similar cloth based solder pallet material

- Metal Material: Stainless steel sheets, Stainless steel rods, Titanium sheets, Titanium rods ect.

- Plastic Extrusion Profiles: PA6/ Nylon 6 profile, PP profile, HDPE profile, UHMWPE profile, POM profile, PC profile, Acrylic/PMMA profile, PTFE profile, PVDF profiles


Contact: Eva Jiang

Phone: 0086 18988761360

Tel: 0755-89664362​

Email: sales@energetic-industry.com

Add: No.601-11, Anbo Technology Baolong Industrial Zone, Baolong 4th Road, Longgang  District, Shenzhen, China

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