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Plastic Material Selection

Energetic service start from providing customers comprehensive technology consultation. Energetic technical experts will consider & evaluate all the requirements of customer, so as to choose the best materials and production processes. We give the suggestion the most appropriate sheets or rods depending on the application to ensure precise dimensional accuracy.

How to choose a plastic?
1. Select the material according to its usage, mainly refers to the applications’ classification, also need consider its working environment, type of stresses, mode of actions, and use of objects and so on.
2. Select the material according to the scope of plastic’s application:
1 ) Plastic for making containers, casing, cover, catheter
2 ) Low- friction plastic
3 ) Using as mechanical parts, such as wheel, cam, rack, coupling section, roller etc.
4 ) Using as a chemical resistant plastics and heat resistant plastic .
5 ) Using as an electrical configuration plastic parts .
6 ) Using as the transparent parts, transparent plate and models, transparent or colored translucent plastic .
3. Considering each kind of plastic’s each property, compare the performance of each kind of plastic:
1 ) Density
2 ) Color
3 ) Hardness
4 ) Mechanical properties

Material Selection Points:
To develop a satisfied finished product, the most important requirement is choose the material reasonably, economically, based on lowest cost, it include following points.
1. Material application analysis: it requires do a research for its application, including the actual requirements of characteristics and the limits of product’s work conditions.
2. Based on material’s application, make the properties requirements correspond to material’s properties. As the actual problems are a lot and not simple, it need not only to do some prerequisite and simulation function testing, but also use experience and observe other facts to material’s effects also very helpful for actual application.
3. Candidate materials’ selection: 
Once known the required properties, next step is searching the correspondence material. 
Choosing candidate materials need check each kind of the material’s technical data firstly.
Of course, it is unable and unnecessary to check thousands of material, based on the experience and prerequisite of simplification, roughly checking and filter the most unsuitable materials group. Hence, in fact, the initial selection usually contain only a portion of the usable materials. Then according to the basic purposes’ requirement, narrow the selection scope of candidate materials, keep them for further detailed assessment. Meanwhile, make sure all the details of the requirements were considered without omitting.

Engineering Plastics Selection:
Engineering Plastics advantages: Because of its light weight, high temperature resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, wear resistance, no need grease, excellent impact resistance, shock-absorbing, sound insulated, good electrical properties, good at insulation and so on, so it use a lot to replace copper, iron, aluminum , stainless steel , ceramics and wood.

Engineering Plastics selected purpose: Increase the use life and reduce wear and tear of parts, replace metal to use in harsh environments, reduce maintenance, replacement costs, reduce the initial cost of prototyping, reduce power consumption, reduce noise, impact energy, vibration energy, improve overall equipment production efficiency, reducing the times of periodic lubrication.

Engineering Plastics Selection Steps:

Performance Category



High Performance Engineering Plastic



high heat resistant and hardness wear-resisting, very low linear coeffcient of thermal rxpansion, high punity, low exhaust under the environment of ionic contamination.


Oxidation resistance, radiation resistance,corrosion resistance,damp and hot resistance, high strength, resistance to radiation, corrosion resistance self-lubrication, smali thermal expansion coefficient


Heat resistance up to 250, good dimensional stadility,high stregth, high insulation, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, self-lubrication, smali thermal expansion coefficient

High performance semi-crystalline


Chemical resistance, wear resistance,high strenght rigidity, high temperature resistance, good ability to resist water pressure, high creep sterngth,good size stability.


Chemical resistance, high stength,wear resistance


Chemical resistance, good abiliaty to resist water pressure, high stength ,good rigidity,high creep strength.


Chemical resistance, good size staility.


Chemical resistance, wear resistance, good heat resistant.

High performance non semi-crystalline


High strength rigidity, heat resistance to 170.


High strength, steam resistance and impact resistance,heat resistance.


High sterngth,resistance to 150.

Engineering Plastic

Crystalline engineering plastic


Good size stability, wear resistance


High rigidity, strength, and hardness, wear resistance, excellent elasticity, good machining performance and size stability


Good mechanical damping capacity, good toughness and strength, wear resistance


Good impact strength, wear resistance, self-lubrication, good toughness and corrosion resistance

Non-crystalline engineering plastic


Impact resistance, heat resistance to 120°C

General Plastic

Semi-crystalline plastic


Chemical resistance, high temperature, good hardness, mechanical strength, low cost


Chemical resistance, moderate intensity, good hardness, easy to machine, food safe


Chemical resistance, easy molding, flexible, low temperature resistance, good resistance to impact, low cost


Moderate intensity, toughness, good thermal formability

Non semi-crystalline plastic


Good rigidity, light weight, thermoforming


Clear, good hardness, easy forming


Chemical resistance, easy to machine, flame retardant, low cost


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