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About us

What we do?

ENERGETIC Established in 2010, a professional One-stop manufacturer of Semi-finished Plastics & Metals, plastic extrusion profiles

  • - General Plastic
  • - Engineering Plastic
  • - Thermosetting Plastic
  • - ESD/Anti-static Plastic & Material
  • - Metal material

Further services for Customized Precision Mechanical Parts

  • - Cut into required sizes
  • - CNC Machined Metal Parts
  • - CNC Machined Plastic Parts
  • - SMT Jigs, PCB Testing Fixtures

Energetic detail products:

- All kinds of plastic and metal machining parts

- General Plastic Material: hdpe sheets, HDPE rods, PP sheets, PP Rods, PVC sheets, PVC rods

- Engineering Plastic Material: POM sheets, POM rods, PTFE sheets, PTFE Rods, PA6 sheets, PA6 rods, PC sheets, PC rods, UHMWPE sheets, UHMWPE rods, PVDF Sheets, PVDF rods

- High Performance Plastic Material: peek sheets, PEEK rods, PPS sheets, PPS Rods, PEI sheets, PEI rods

- Insulation Materials: Phenolic Paper Sheets, 3025 Phenolic Cotton Sheet, 3240/FR4 Epoxy sheets & rods, alternative Durostone Sheet CAS761, Risho similar cloth based solder pallet material

- Metal Material: Stainless steel sheets, Stainless steel rods, Titanium sheets, Titanium rods ect.

- Plastic Extrusion Profiles: PA6/ Nylon 6 profile, PP profile, HDPE profile, UHMWPE profile, POM profile, PC profile, Acrylic/PMMA profile, PTFE profile, PVDF profiles

How we save your cost?

With 10 years experience and international trading in plastic and metal material, Energetic is recognized as a leading supplier in the Chinese market.

Our capable and professional Engineers have comprehensive knowledge for all kinds of plastic and metals material’s property. Meanwhile, our market colleagues have good information for each kind and different grades of plastic and metal’s prices. From them, a valuable suggestion/solution you will gain for how to select the right material based on the most economical cost.

How we help for your business?

With a focus on Engineering and Industrial materials, Energetic has developed a reputation for services and quality.

Based on its own plant of extrusion lines, CNC machines work shop, research team and the support of our professional associate manufacturers, Energetic brings you high quality rods, sheets, tubes and machining parts, profiles.

Our major warehouse is located in the Shenzhen, a seaside city, with a super geographic advantage and mature logistic convenience, we are able to send you these heavy cargos all over the world by sea/express/air with the most competitive freight.

We also support a network of distributors strategically located to service those needs of regional areas throughout all over the world.

Any your industry problems, answer your questions and satisfy your material needs will be qualified solved.

All of Chinese materials can be sourced for you according to your request. Relative products, like machines, fixtures’ accessories, machines’ cutters can help to purchase and ship together too. The really valuable One-stop service you can enjoy in Energetic.


Contact: Eva Jiang

Phone: 0086 18988761360

Tel: 0755-89664362​

Email: sales@energetic-industry.com

Add: No.601-11, Anbo Technology Baolong Industrial Zone, Baolong 4th Road, Longgang  District, Shenzhen, China

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