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Quality Control

Energetic control the quality by employee training programes, strict raw material selection, each step of production process, finished products inspections.

▪            Employee Training: By systematic on-the-job training programmes, that ensure every staff work with professional and proficient skills, to avoid any unnecessary operate mistakes.

▪            Raw Material Selection: All our products take A grade raw material to ensure the prosperity specific for its desired application.

▪            Production Process: The material resin is plastified in a heated cylinder and the final shape is achieved through a specific tool. The process begins with preparing the granule (compounding) before it is delivered, conveyed, melted and homogenisation takes place. This then ultimately forms the semi-finished part/profile in the mould. Behind the mould, guidance calibration and take-off of the semi finished shapes occur before the cooling process. The product is then cut and marked to finalize its production. In whole process, we take care the temperature, melt flow speed, extrusion speed and cooling speed and time. Proper annealing process for some sheets and rods are always given.

▪            Finished Products Inspection: Our QC staff will check each sheet and rod strictly according our QC standards, which include the tolerance of the diameter, thickness, width and length, the surface flatness and straightness of whole sheet or rod, spot, color difference, surface texture. All defective one will be take out once it found.


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