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PCB Fixtures and Fittings

Double Sides Holddowns fasteners for locking PCB on Wave solder pallet

  • Stock Color: Black
  • Thickness: 2mm ~ 50mm
  • Size: 1020mmx1220mm, 1220mmx2440mm
  • Lead time: 3 ~ 5 days
  • Product description: Fasteners for locking PCB on Wave solder pallet

Model Number: #10

Usage: Position and holding

Material: High Temperature Resist Polymer Plastic

Product Parts: 4 in 1 set, 5 in 1 set

Included items of a set: a top screw, a bottom screw,a spring ,a sleeve and a plastic part

Type: Single Side Hold downs

Application: wave solder pallet accessories

Weight of a set: 7g

Service: technical drawing

Sample: available for free

Certificate: SGS RoHS


sold pallet hold down

1.Free samples

2.Hight temperature resistant.

3.Position PCB substrate to avoid from floating


1)Designed specifically for use in wave solder operations

2)Mostly made from molded plastic part, spring, screws and sleeve.

3)Working temperature: 200degree, max 280degree (10~20s).

4)The action is to press PCB board to protect it from floating and lifting under wave solder process so as to create excellent  solder tin.

Function and Application:

Used to be positioned PCB substrate in wave solder pallets, fixtures and stencils to protect PCB substrate from floating and lifting.

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