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PEI Sheet

  • PEI Sheets&Rod
  • PEI Sheets&Rod
  • PEI Sheets&Rod
  • PEI Sheets&Rod
  • PEI Sheets&Rod
  • PEI Sheets&Rod
PEI Sheets&RodPEI Sheets&RodPEI Sheets&RodPEI Sheets&RodPEI Sheets&RodPEI Sheets&Rod

PEI Sheets&Rod

  • Stock Color: Natural Grey, Black
  • Thickness: 1mm ~ 50mm
  • Size: 610 x 1220mm, 500 x 1000mm
  • Lead time: 12 ~ 17 days
  • Product description: PEI Sheets&Rod

High Quality Engineering Plastic Board PEI Plate

MSDS/ ROHS Polyetherimide Ultem PEI Plastic Sheet which is characterized by high intensity, high rigidity, abrasion resistance and dimension stability.PEI plastic sheet is a transparent solid of amber, which has inherent flame retardancy and low smoke intensity without adding any additives. The oxygen index is 47% and the combustion level is ul94-v-0.

The main business of our company are: POM Plastic Sheet, PEI Plastic Sheet, ABS Plastic Sheet, PEEK Plastic Sheet, PA Plastic Sheet, PC Plastic Sheet, etc. Please feel free to contact us for more details.


1. Continuous operating temperature at 170°C;

2. Good mechanical strength, high stiffness;

3. Excellent hydrolysis resistance,

4. Excellent physical inertness (thus suitable for contact with food);

5. Very good dimensional stability;

6. Good resistance to UV and high energy radiation ("γ"rays and"χ"rays);

7. Good electric insulation property.


With outstanding thermal, mechanical and electrical properties, PEI is ideal for electrical / electronic insulation elements as well as various structural parts and components that require relatively high strength and stiffness under high temperature. It also finds important applications in the areas of medical appliances and analytical instruments due to superior hydrolysis resistance.


PEI Sheet Color : white /black /etc

PEI Sheet Thickness:6-40mm

PEI Sheet size : 610 x 1220mm

PEI Sheet Quality :100% virgin ,A grade

Remarks:other size & color can be customized



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