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Our service advantage

10 years experience of plastic & metal industry, we can provide comprehensive consulate for material property and selection, give the right suggestion on material choosing. Help our clients to save the time and cost.

10 years experience of plastic & metal import & export experience, knowing well price trends of both domestic & foreign material market, can provide our clients material economically.

10 years experience of plastic production & quality improving, great faith, received good reputation from our regular clients.

30 kinds of products line, included General Plastic, Engineering Plastic, Thermosetting Plastic, ESD/Anti-static Plastic & Material, Metal material, Extrusion Profile, Mechanical Parts, satisfy all kinds of clients with One-stop solution.

2000 sqm workshop, all kinds machines for extrusion, moulding, mould casting, CNC precision machining, from semi-finished material production to machining, a integrated service should be provided for our clients, help to save the cost of machining, time and shipping.


Contact: Eva Jiang

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Email: sales@energetic-industry.com

Add: No.601-11, Anbo Technology Baolong Industrial Zone, Baolong 4th Road, Longgang  District, Shenzhen, China

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