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Hot Seller: Classic & Unique Candle LED light for Christmas Season

Looking for a good seller for your Christmas celebrations season? Look no further than our Christmas Day Candle LED light! With its waterproof design and beautiful shimmer, it's the perfect addition to home or event space. Make the holidays merry and bright with our high-quality LED light. In stock without wait, inquiry now and add some festive charm to your customers’ holiday season!

The Christmas candle LED light is a unique decorative lamp jointly developed by ENERGETIC and a Canadian customer. Now stock in Canada.

Which come with following features.

1. Classic design

The beautiful classic design of Christmas day Candle LED lights is sure to bring a touch of elegance to at light. This light was designed to look like a tree candles, but with modern features that make them perfect for the holiday season. With their graceful and timeless appearance, this LED light will make home shine bright like a diamond.

It can be used to decorate slide glass door, glass window, fireplace mantel, or simply place them around living room for an enchanting and relaxing atmosphere.

2. Warm Glow

The warmth and inviting glow of Christmas Day Candle LED lights are perfect for setting the mood at the holiday season. Whether people snuggled up on the couch watching a classic holiday movie with their family or entertaining guests with holiday treats and cheer, these lights are sure to bring a cozy, festive ambiance to any room of a home, making people feel like in a magical winter wonderland.


And, because they're LED lights, you can keep them on all night long without worrying about energy costs or overheating. The gentle glow of the Christmas Day Candle LED lights adds a special touch to your holiday decoration and sets the stage for a memorable and warm holiday season.

3. Can use in a car or other places

This beautiful light can attach to the glass of the car or sliding door at home by suction cups without sticky glue like 3M, or use a bracket to on the TV cabinet or desktop. Some people even hang it on a yachtit's really a wonderful experience when they drive the yacht for a traveling with their family. Customer always can choose the setting way they like. They feel always been blessed where it place.


4. Multiple lighting modes

It's 8 flames can light up one by one, and glittering in fast way then slow way. It's really an amazing happy feeling when people see it and dance with the Christmas day song.

For details, please watch following video.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if it caught your interesting.



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