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Blueberry Harvester Customized Machining Parts

With the increase of labor costs, when farmers plant large areas of blueberries or olives, if they rely on manual picking, the total cost will also increase. How to improve the efficiency of harvesting and reduce costs?

Use an automatic picking up machines. In fact, this kind of machine has appeared in recent years. It mainly uses rods to strike the blueberry tree, so that the blueberry falls onto the conveyor board and is transported to the turnover basket, and then move the turnover basket the transfer truck to complete the picking.

So the question is, how to make the strike rods not bend without loose, and not break the blueberry when it is struck? The conveyor board will not sag or distort during use, so as to prevent the blueberry falling from the gap between boards?

First of all, appropriate materials should be selected. Although metals like steel, their hardness are good, but they are not suitable because they are too heavy and tough. It’s better to choose plastic, but soft plastic is not suitable. We should choose relatively hard plastic, which can be too tough as steel bar, so as not to break the blueberry.

The hardness and flatness of the conveying and collecting plates should also be considered. If they are not hard enough and keep the flatness for a long time, the whole row of conveying and collecting plates will not be able to complete the collection work.

In addition, it is also necessary to consider that the striking rod cannot be loosened from its holding parts, the material of the holding parts also needs to be carefully selected, and this part also needs to be carefully designed to prevent the holding hole becoming large after using for sometimes. The diameter of the striking rod and the hole diameter of the fixing parts should be designed and matched well. It needs to be tested repeatedly to find the exact size of the aperture. The insertion end of the striking rod can also be made with some anti-loose patterns.

How should it do?

Welcome to contact ENERGETIC team. Our engineers are familiar with the performance of various plastic materials very well and have rich experience in mechanical parts design. We are sure to select materials that meet your requirements and design parts that are suitable for your application.

The specific process is as follows:

1. Please inform you of the performance requirements and specific use environment/conditions of the material

2. Our engineers select materials and make the design for you

3. Make a mold or make a sample by CNC machining for test

4. Mass production after test successfully

Please feel free to send us inquiry if you need this kind of customized plastic parts for your machine.



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