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  • UHMW Rods
  • UHMW Rods
  • UHMW Rods
  • UHMW Rods
  • UHMW Rods
  • UHMW Rods
  • UHMW Rods


  • Stock Color: Natural white
  • Diameter: 2mm ~ 250mm
  • Regular Length: 1000mm
  • Lead time: 12 ~ 17 days
  • Product description: UHMW Rods

Excepted pure semi-finished plastic material, we also can custom plastic properties according to client's request.

  • - Shapes: sheet, rod, tube, roll, plate, part
  • - Special propeties can be customized: plastic alloy, plastic +GF/CA/Oil/Brone/Graphit/MSO2/ceramic ect.
  • - Most regular thickness and standard size in stock, fast delivery
  • - Support cut as request size, machined into parts

  • - Forming method: extruding, mold pressing, casting,CNC machining
  • - Lead Time: 10 ~ 15 days if not have in stock, 5 days for stocked items
  • - Packing: carton box, IPPC wooden pallet/plastic pallet
  • - Shipping: by sea, air, TNT/UPS/Fedex/DHL Express
  • FREE sample for testing, please feel free to contact us at sales@energetic-industry.com

    Materials Available

    General Plastic: HDPE, PP, PVC, ABS, PMMA(Acrylic) ect.

    Engineering Plastic: POM, PA6, MC nylon, Nylon 66, PTFE, UHMWPE, PVDF ect.

    High Performance Plastic: PPS, PEEK, PI, PEI ect.

    Thermosetting Plastic: Durostone, Ricocel sheet, G10, FR4, Bakelite ect.

    Spcial Plastic Material: Plastic+GF/CA/Oil/Brone/Graphit/MSO2/ceramic ect.

    Spcial Plastic Plastic Alloy: PE+PA, PP+PA, POM + PTFE ect.

    Special parts: Metal + Plastic Combined Part

    UHMWPE Material Types Included:

    Extruded UHMWPE, Conductive UHMWPE, ESD UHMWPE

    About UHMWPE:
    UHMWPE (also known as Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) Sheet and Rod products are manufactured from the semi-crystalline polyethylene (PE) family. Chinese UHMWPE Sheet and rods’ maximum molecular weight can reach to 5 million which has a positive impact on material performance in an abrasive environment.

    UHMWPE Advantages:

    UHMWPE properties ensure that this plastic material is very light, extremely tough, chemically resistant and has excellent wear resistance.

    Key Features:
    Excellent sliding properties
    High wear resistance
    High impact strength
    Very good chemical and corrosion resistance
    Good noise absorption
    High energy absorption capacity and high stress rates
    Temperature resistance from -200°C to +80°C
    Physiologically safe


    Chemical Engineering: Corrosion and wear resistance mechanical parts
    Thermal power: coal handling, storage of coal, warehousing chute lining
    Coal processing: sieve plate, filter, U-underground coal chute
    Concrete: cement raw and finished product silo lining
    Grain: food storage or chute lining
    Mining: sieve plate, chute linings, wear anti-bonding part
    Food industry: star-shaped wheel, transmission timing bottle screw, bearings, guide rollers, guides, slide blocks, etc.

    UHMWPE Products:

    Extruded or Molded UHMWPE:

    Unfilled, natural white


    ESD/Anti-static properties of PE-UHMW are often required with high line speeds and conveying rates. ESD UHMWPE meets these requirements. Anti-static properties are achieved by incorporating efficient carbon black types.

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