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  • ESD PEEK Plastic Rod in Bulk
  • ESD PEEK Plastic Rod in Bulk
  • ESD PEEK Plastic Rod in Bulk
  • ESD PEEK Plastic Rod in Bulk
  • ESD PEEK Plastic Rod in Bulk
ESD PEEK Plastic Rod in BulkESD PEEK Plastic Rod in BulkESD PEEK Plastic Rod in BulkESD PEEK Plastic Rod in BulkESD PEEK Plastic Rod in Bulk

ESD PEEK Plastic Rod in Bulk

  • Stock Color: Natural Grey, Black
  • Diameter: 6mm ~ 150mm
  • Length: 1000mm
  • Lead time: 12 ~ 17 days
  • Product description: ESD PEEK Plastic Rod in Bulk

Excepted pure semi-finished plastic material, we also can custom plastic properties according to client's request.

  • - Shapes: sheet, rod, tube, roll, plate, part
  • - Special propeties can be customized: plastic alloy, plastic +GF/CA/Oil/Brone/Graphit/MSO2/ceramic ect.
  • - Most regular thickness and standard size in stock, fast delivery
  • - Support cut as request size, machined into parts

  • - Forming method: extruding, mold pressing, casting,CNC machining
  • - Lead Time: 10 ~ 15 days if not have in stock, 5 days for stocked items
  • - Packing: carton box, IPPC wooden pallet/plastic pallet
  • - Shipping: by sea, air, TNT/UPS/Fedex/DHL Express
  • FREE sample for testing, please feel free to contact us at sales@energetic-industry.com

    Materials Available

    General Plastic: HDPE, PP, PVC, ABS, PMMA(Acrylic) ect.

    Engineering Plastic: POM, PA6, MC nylon, Nylon 66, PTFE, UHMWPE, PVDF ect.

    High Performance Plastic: PPS, PEEK, PI, PEI ect.

    Thermosetting Plastic: Durostone, Ricocel sheet, G10, FR4, Bakelite ect.

    Spcial Plastic Material: Plastic+GF/CA/Oil/Brone/Graphit/MSO2/ceramic ect.

    Spcial Plastic Plastic Alloy: PE+PA, PP+PA, POM + PTFE ect.

    Special parts: Metal + Plastic Combined Part

    PEEK Material Types Included:

    100% virgin PEEK, glass fiber filled PEEK, carbon fiber filled PEEK

    About PEEK:

    PEEK is a high performance engineering thermoplastic that offers chemical and water resistance similar to PPS, but can operate at higher temperatures. PEEK can be used continuously to480°F(250°C) and in hot water or steam without permanent loss in physical properties. For hostile environments, PEEK is a high strength alternative to fluoropolymers. PEEK carries a V-0 flammability rating and exhibits very low smoke and toxic gas emission when exposed to flame.


    ▪        Excellent chemical resistance

    ▪        Very low moisture absorption

    ▪        Inherently good wear and abrasion resistance

    ▪        Unaffected by continuous exposure to hot water or steam

    ▪        High temperature resistant, can withstand250°C

    Key Features:

    ▪        Strong and stiff plastic

    ▪        Outstanding chemical resistance

    ▪        Good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures

    ▪        Resistant to hot water and steam

    ▪        Bearing grade PEEK has excellent wear characteristics

    ▪        UL 94 V-0 flammability rating (0.059" thickness)

    ▪        Very low smoke and toxic gas emissions when exposed to flame


    ▪        Semiconductor machinery components

    ▪        Aerospace parts

    ▪        Seals

    ▪        Pump and valve components

    ▪        Bearings and bushings (bearing grade PEEK)

    ▪        Electrical components

    ▪        Medical instrument parts

    ▪        Food processing machinery components


    Contact: Eva Jiang

    Phone: 0086 18988761360

    Tel: 0755-89664362​

    Email: sales@energetic-industry.com

    Add: No.601-11, Anbo Technology Baolong Industrial Zone, Baolong 4th Road, Longgang  District, Shenzhen, China

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